Free Range- Cream of the crop

This Carolina Cream ale is an excellent representation of this underrepresented style, complete with a solid malty backbone, light corn nose and a moderately sweet finish.
12oz, 5% ABV
*96 % local*


Birdsong- lazy bird

Rich mahogany in color with hints of coffee and chocolate, this American style brown ale is both smooth and sessionable. You’ll discover a mild citrus hop flavor paired with pleasant aromas of roasted malt.
16 oz, 5.5% ABV


Triple C- 3C IPA

A west coast style IPA named after the three hops, (Citra, Centennial, and Chinook) that give this beer its signature flavor. It sports a big citrus and grapefruit hop flavor with a light malt backbone supported by flaked oats.
16 oz, 6.2% ABV

2019 NC Beer Cup Gold Medal Winner
2015 Great American Beer Festival Bronze Medal Winner




This California Pinot Noir offers fresh notes of strawberry and red cherry that are complemented by hints of rose and lavender. Balanced and bold with bright fruit character and complexity.
12 oz, 14% ABV



This easy-to-sip refresher is famous for its take-anywhere pack-ability, port-ability, and endless pair-ability. Our Pinot Grigio can is the perfect contribution to dinner parties, outdoor gatherings, and any occasion that needs a splash of character.
12 oz, 13.2% ABV


Del Mar Seltzer

Step into the sunshine, this is your moment. Del Mar Wine Seltzers are blended for your vibrant lifestyle—light, refreshing, 95-calorie seltzers with an endless summer vibe. With just 4% alc/vol and all-natural flavors, your forever dreams come true. Del Mar brings the beach, you rally the friends. Have fun. Be free. Shine on!



Mexican Coke

Made with cane sugar
355 Ml


Pure intentions Nitro cold Brew

This decadent cold brew is made less than a mile from our store.


Updog- seasonal kombucha

Small batch kombucha is a naturally fermented tea that is rich in probiotics, prebiotics, and antioxidants to promote digestive, immune, and overall health.


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